My Birthday Boy

March 22, 2014 Tom 4

Eight years ago today, my life forever changed. My son Tommy was born at 1:18 PM at a hospital in Melbourne, Florida. My little drinking […]

Backpacks and Bullies

March 20, 2014 Tom 4

Ok. So, this 9 year old boy up in North Carolina brings a My Little Pony backpack to school and his classmates pick on him. […]

The Worst Driver. Ever.

March 19, 2014 Tom 2

Unless things have changed drastically in the years since I got my Driver’s License, I remember the qualifications being fairly lax when it came to […]

Ghost Stories

March 13, 2014 Tom 4

You know those scary movies where the ghost, monster, and/or mother-in-law takes over a house and terrorizes the fuck out of some nice family? That’ll […]

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