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Anarchy (noun): a society of individuals who enjoy complete freedom without authority (unless it’s bedtime, and then one of the grown ups in charge has to assert some kind of authority on the society of individuals, who in turn make every excuse imaginable to get up out of the bed in protest of the set bedtimes)


From Punk to Parent and the Gloriously Bumpy Ride Along the Way

Daddy Anarchy is my perspective on going from an overgrown punk ass kid in his thirties without a care in the world, to a devoted Dad running a house of three little anarchistic maniacs and a step kid, ranging in age from 3 to 14.

The website will include blogs on my (somewhat skewered and slightly offbeat) view of parenting issues, current events, recipes (read the Warning here http://wp.me/P47QmG-1N), reviews, and whatever else pops into my head.

Please keep in mind, this is not Parents Magazine or CNN, nor am I in any way professionally trained to dispense advice or tell someone how to parent their kid, however, as evidenced with this website, I have no problem sharing my experiences and opinions!


For those of you who are not parents, and are about to bid adieu to this page, listen up.  Reading this stuff may make you feel even more secure in your decision not to have kids at this point in your life.  Or ever, for that matter.  I’d also like to think of this webpage as a bit of a public service.  Literary Birth Control.  I know people are gonna read these blogs and say “His kids did what!?” or “If I ever had a kid like that, I’d pack my shit, leave my whole family, and go to the wilds of the Amazonian Jungles to live in peaceful solitude with the tree dwellers of the Duk Chau Tribe” to be followed by loudly proclaiming, “I’m NEVER having kids!”

So, there you have it.  This webpage is for everyone!  Now please read on.

I love my kids and we’re having a blast putting this site together.  I really hope you enjoy!  And wear a helmet…it can be a bumpy ride!


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  1. I love your writing style. I love your selection of words. I love your thoughts and your insight which you obviously have gained through your traveled years to date. Great writing; wonderful reading.

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