About The Dad

My name is Tom and I’m an award-winning writer. Kind of…

I entered a blog contest once on No-Kill Animal Shelters and won a book. There was also this time in second grade where I won first place for writing a book about space monsters and stuff. I don’t quite remember all the plot details because it was, well you know, SECOND GRADE!

I’m a husband and father of 4 kids, ages 3-11 and step-dad to 3 kids, ages 14-20.

My wife Donna and I live in sunny Florida with our 3 kids (Tommy 7, Emma 5, and Raylan 3) and her son, Brandon 14. We also have 4 dogs, 2 birds, 2 fish, and a stray cat that really seems to like us.

I decided to start a “Daddy Blog” mainly because I didn’t want my writing career to end with only my last two award-winning pieces. I felt as if I owed the world so much more reading enjoyment. Oh, yeah…and I have awesome kids that make life so much more interesting.

People have always said that I have a unique perspective on things and that I should write my stories down, so here you have it. Donna also says I have a unique perspective on things too, but I can’t always tell if that’s a compliment or not. She usually kinda looks like she’s having gas pains when she says it.

I’m quite fond of tattoos, big Poodles, smoothies, and I believe that much like cartoon movies, animals can talk.


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