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Hey everyone!

I’m lucky enough to have been chosen by the absolutely awesome Foxy Wine Project to participate in a blog tour!

There have been some terrific bloggers picked for this tour, so I’m guessing Foxy may have been hitting the sauce just a bit when she picked me, but hey, when in Rome…

Anyway, basically what happens here, is that instead of me talking about how much I irritate my wife or stand by watching my five year old daughter plot world domination, as I usually do, I answer a couple questions about myself.

(Because everybody in the whole wide world would be so much better off knowing a bit more about me…)

And then, once I’m done telling you about myself, I introduce you to three blogs that I think are great. And then we wait around for them to do this post!

Ok, so here we go!

(And no, I didn’t make these questions up myself. If I did, they’d be a heck of alot easier…like what’s my favorite ice cream. Or what color shirt I’m wearing.)

What Am I Working On?
I’m actually working on trying to come up with new content. Ive had the worst case of writer’s block lately. It totally blows. I’m just finishing up a campaign as a brand ambassador for Oral-B, that was really cool, and I’ve got a review and possibly something more for an energy drink coming up soon, but aside from that I’m just having a wee bit of a hard time with original life story stuff. It’s not that I lack ideas…I have a ton…I’m just having some issues putting them down on paper. With real words and stuff. Oh well. I’m sure I’ll come up with something soon…

How Does My Work Differ From Others Of Its Genre?
Daddy Anarchy differs from other dad blogs in that it doesn’t tend to take itself very seriously*. Although I have the utmost respect, and read a few dad blogs, I just don’t really care about changing tables in men’s restrooms. Or the whole “Mr. Mom” stereotype. Or the fact that mom bloggers get so much attention. And I don’t get mad or rant about how when it’s just me out with the kids and a woman tells me I’m “so brave.” Heck, she right! It totally takes a brave parent to venture out with all the kids and no spousal backup! I know that dad bloggers and dads in general are working very hard to be taken more seriously, especially in the eyes of brands and whatnot, but I’m a firm believer that family memories tend to be a tad bit more entertaining with a dad like Clark Griswald, than a dad who spent a good portion of his time lobbying brands to take him more seriously. Twenty five years from now, my kids and I are gonna remember and laugh about the time I fell off a ladder hanging Christmas lights, way more than we will about the time I wrote to a local restaurant about the lack of a changing table in the guy’s bathroom.

* Don’t get me wrong, I do like to cover serious topics from time to time, but some of these “dad hardships” don’t do it for me. Not that there’s anything wrong with the fellas that write about that stuff…it’s just not for me.

How Do I Write/Create What I Do?
I very rarely, if ever, have any free time. I don’t drink alcohol, so I usually just sit down with a sparkling water or non-alcoholic wine (yes, it’s a real thing, and no, it’s not just a fancy name for juice.) and start typing away. I don’t always get a post done in one sitting though. I usually wind up having to play referee when the kids are beating on each other, or I spill my drink all over the keyboard. Or I just get bored and wander away from the computer.

How Does Your Writing/Creative Process Work?
Ever see Finding Nemo? I’m like Dory when it comes to writing. Total ADD. I am surgically focused in my normal working life, but when it comes to creating, I’m all over the place. I really have no rhyme or reason in regards to how my process works. It just does.

Provided there aren’t any shiny objects around…

And Now, Three Awesomely Addictive Blog!

1. Dirty Lil’
Just recently bursting onto the blogging scene like a potty mouthed, over the top, mega explosive firecracker, Dirty Lil’ offers hilarious perspectives on everything from camping to things guys should never say if they wanna get some. And oh yeah, she has fake conversations with celebrities!

2. Crawl The Line
I may not always agree with some of the things posted here, but I always enjoy how well presented the opinions are. Some things are laugh out loud funny, and some hit a nerve, and without fail, the writing is just so well crafted. Check this blog out, and for an added bonus, the blog’s Facebook page is awesome, featuring some great interactive posts!

3. Tantrums To Tattoos
Both touching and funny, this blog makes you feel like you’re sitting at a coffee shop having a conversation with the writer, instead of just reading her words. The writing style is conversational, and the topics are so well grounded in real life. Check it out for a heartwarming dose of real life!



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  1. Some great blogs you picked! And the writer’s block…I’ve gone dry lately, too. Some stuff, but nothing electrifying. What’s in the water?!?! It’s definitely not inspiration.

    • Yeah, I do have pretty good taste! I would’ve added Outmanned, Abandoning Pretense, and crazy Sarah at Est. 1975 but I know they all did something similar lately…or had surgery. And thanks so much to Foxy Wine Project for thinking of me on this! Such an awesome group of writers!

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