Daddy Anarchy’s Top 6 Eighties Cover Tunes

One thing I loved about music in the 80s, was the awesome cover tunes that were being jammed out all over the radio.

I fondly remember cruising the old strip mall with a Marlboro light (hard pack, of course!) hanging outta my mouth, blasting Motley Crue’s version of “Smokin’ In The Boys Room” (I also recall damn near hacking up a lung in the name of coolness, but still…). Or shredding some air guitar in front of my bedroom mirror to the cover of “Ballroom Blitz” by Krokus. And who could keep their high tops from moving when Tiffany belted out “I Think We’re Alone Now?” Not me!


…um. I mean, which one of you LADIES couldn’t keep your penny loafers from moving to Tiffany tunes? Definitely not me, though. No Tiffany on this guy’s boom box. Nope. None at all.

Yeah. That’s better.

Anyhoo, cover songs were awesome back then. But what about the songs of the 80s being covered nowadays? And I’m not just talking about the muzak version of “What About Love” that’s playing in the bank lobby. I’m talkin’ about real, actual cover versions of the songs that we grew up with and loved so well…are they out there?

Well, bang your head and hold on to your leg warmers, cause frick yes, they’re out there! And believe it or not, they’re usually pretty damn good…maybe not as good as the originals of course, I mean c’mon, who could ever top anything originally done by a band like When In Rome? But then again, you never know…these are pretty gnarly. Check ’em out!

That being said, here’s the Daddy Anarchy Best Of…Top 5 6 Covers of Awesome 80s songs!

1. The Promise (When in Rome) by Sturgill Simpson
This dude is frigging awesome and is quite possibly, along with Jamey Johnson, the biggest hopes to bring country music back to its origins.

2. House of Pain (Faster Pussycat) by The White Buffalo
Never in a kajillion years would I have imagined anyone covering the Mayor of Sleaze City, Taime Downe and his boys in Faster Pussycat, but The White Buffalo did it and did it well. With this stripped down and achingly bleak version of the 80s hit, TWB breathed fresh air into this already awesome tune and totally made it his own. On a side note, I recently saw Faster Pussycat and those guys sound just as good, if not better then they did years ago. Check em out if you have the chance. On another side note, TWB have got to be one of my favorite newer acts out there. Totally making what is unfortunately a predominately stale music scene into something exciting. The dude’s new album is coming soon!

3. Wasted Years (Iron Maiden) by Ryan Adams
Without any scientific polls and shit to back me up here, I’d venture a guess and say that when most people think Iron Maiden, they don’t think acoustic ballad that will pull on your heart strings. Thank goodness, Ryan Adams is not most people. Such a simple take on the original powerhouse. And if you wind up liking Ryan, the dude seems to release new music every few weeks.

4. Walk of Life (Dire Straits) by Shooter Jennings
Shooter Jennings is country music royalty. The son of original outlaw, Waylon Jennings, Shooter takes what was a classic, fun song from the 80s and makes it…a classic, fun song for modern times. This version puts an even more countrified swagger on a tune that’s sure to have you singing along to “Here comes Johnny playing oldie goldies…”

5. Drive (The Cars) by Sixx:AM
If there was ever a guy to know 80s music, it’s none other than Mr. Nikki Sixx of the First Family of Hair Metal, Motley Crue. In his spare time not taking pics, writing books, or hosting his own radio show (Sixx Sense), Nikki has a little side band you might have heard of: SIXX:AM! After two critically acclaimed, fan favorite albums, Nikki and company recently released Modern Vintage, which sounds just like it’s titled. A super rad sonic trip that harkens back to the bombastic productions of ground breaking bands like Queen, Modern Vintage gives us a glamtastic cover of The Cars hit 80s tune Drive. I really gotta admit, that this band is pretty damn exciting. Whereas Motley might be getting a bit stale, this new Sixx project is fresh in a way that might pleasantly surprise Motley Crue and Nikki Sixx fans.

6. True Colors (Cindy Lauper) by Leatherface
This is the last minute addition that turned this from a Top 5 into a Top 6. I consider myself pretty music savvy, yet I’d never heard of these guys until the series finale of Sons of Anarchy (BTW, watch Sons of Anarchy!!), when their version of “Can’t Help Falling In Love” was used during a car chase. Badass car chase too. So, I looked up these guys on iTunes and saw that they had a bunch of albums. Needless to say, I bought this song after listening to about 10 seconds. I LOVE this version. The distorted guitars mix perfectly with the singers drunken Billy Idol meets Tom Waits voice. Check these dudes out.

So there ya have it, guys and gals. The Daddy Anarchy Best Of…Top 5 6 Covers of Awesome 80s Songs!

All these songs, and the albums they’re featured on, can be found on
I should know…I own them all!

So what do you think? Like these tunes? Think the originals are better? What about any awesome 80s covers that I forgot bout? There’s got to be some…I mean, I can’t remember everything. Especially since I was gorked out of my mind through a big part of that era…

Rock on, fuckers.IMG_8540


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