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1. Every time someone follows this blog, an endangered forest Pixie gets her wings.

2. By following this daddy blog, you’re helping me further advance my street cred. Blogging is all about the street cred.

3. If I get at least 25 new followers, I’ll let my kids have an extra helping of frosty coated, sugar poofs for dessert. I’ll then write a post on how they bounced off the walls and tore up the house, while all jacked up on the sugar.

4. The more followers I get, the more it affords me the ability to stay in my sleep pants all day, writing. And I look sma-hoking hot in sleep pants.

5. Every time I get a new blog follower, I do a happy dance on the coffee table.

6. New followers make me happy. Every new one makes me feel like I’m getting a tiny little cyber hug.

7. All the cool people follow this blog.

8. Every time someone clicks the Awesome (follow) Button, they can actually feel themself becoming more awesome.

9. Following this blog diminishes the chances of a big ass asteroid hitting the Earth and ending life as we know it. Just kidding, I made that up…now hurry up and follow the blog before we get nailed by an asteroid!

10. We’ve upped the hotness of this blog by adding a “Featured Mommy Blog” section.

11. Follow this blog! This is the blogger equivalent of going door to door selling Girl Scout cookies.

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