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At first I thought that apps geared towards kids were an awesome antidote to the world of Playstations, and Wiis, and Xboxes. I thought that I could just download the kids some cool apps on the iPad and they’d be taking off on a wildly entertaining and educational journey. Apps were still technically video games (which the kids would like) AND they’d learn something productive (which I would like.)

Well…needless to say, that didn’t last too frigging long. It seemed like it actually took longer to download the apps than it did for the kids to start saying how bored they were. Or how they solved all the puzzles and didn’t want to play anymore. And you know what? I really couldn’t blame them. All these apps seemed so singular in nature…one app for coloring. One for puzzles. One for taking care of little cyber babies or pets. My kids would zip through each of these things so quickly and totally lose interest.

Thankfully, all hope for an educational and entertaining app wasn’t lost…

Enter iMommy
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The creator of iMommy came up with the idea of this top virtual baby app one day back in 2009.

While looking for non-violent kids apps on her new ipad for her kids, she came to realize there were no suitable games where a child could just ‘play parent’. Everything was designed it seemed for ‘points’ or you needed to be of reading age in order to figure out what you needed to do. In an attempt to give pre-school and kindergarten kids a game that was simple to play, colorful and fun..iMommy was born!

Now iMommy apps has many more fun, entertaining and educational virtual baby apps. Many reviews speak of how the apps help them be a better sister or brother or babysitter. Players can now take care of other types of babies too! Aliens, Monsters, Fairies and soon Mermaids!

All apps have a free to download version so you can try them out without cost.

That’s what’s neat about this app…iMommy is different. It’s not just this one option app. There’s tons of stuff to do. So much so, that my kids actually played it on a long car trip…and didn’t get bored. It has multiple rooms, puzzles, options…and funny bodily noises. The kids absolutely love it. And I love it because they’re actually really learning stuff. They’re learning about changing diapers. Feeding babies and making sure the bottle is warmed. Cleaning bird poop off heads (I KID YOU NOT!!!) They’re learning about insect stings and math problems. And they’re having a total blast doing it.

And most importantly, I’m happy with it. It’s not some mindless video game or boring app that’s gonna make the kids feel like they’re playing a homework assignment. iMommy actually has educational value and is a riot to play.

But don’t just take my word for it…My daughter liked it so much, I actually got her to sit still for 10 minutes and do a review on video. She’ll show and tell you all about the cool things you can find on iMommy…at least all the cool things she’s discovered so far. It’s been a couple weeks she’s been playing, and she’s still finding new things. Check it out!

So there you have it folks…a great app that both kids AND parents will like. Check out iMommy and follow them on Twitter at @imommygame

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Disclaimer: Compensation and/or product was received prior to this review being published. However, all opinions are of the author. Giveaway sponsored by iMommy and any issues with access codes and content should be directed to them. Daddy Anarchy is not to be held liable


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