Kids & Cameras (Protecting Our Children)

I get more and more disgusted everyday about how kids are treated in this country.

Today’s rant is due to an article I read concerning some asshole in a store that was taking cell phone pictures of a young child.

Needless to say, when the mom witnessed this, she was pissed. According to the article, she somehow got a hold of the asshole’s phone, looked at his pics folder, and saw that not only were there pics of her kid, but there were a whole shitload of pics of other kids, as well. “Row after row, after row, after row” is how she described it.

The guy wound up taking off, but not before someone got his license plate and called the cops. The police, to their credit, at least took it seriously enough to find the guy and look into it, but apparently no law was broken, so nothing could be done. No arrest. No ticket. No nothing. I’m sure, in the mind of the asshole, this was a battle won. A positive sign that he was protected in his rights to continue such behavior.

So, what about the rights of the children?

I’d be willing to bet this asshole wasn’t some talent scout for The Disney Channel, looking to sign some young kid to a million dollar contract. If he was, I’m sure it would have been immediately disclosed, or he would’ve sought permission from the parents before taking pictures of the kids. Or he would’ve given the mom a business card and brought up professional photo shoots. But again, these things didn’t happen. The sneaky bastard was just out snapping “row after row, after row, after row” of pics of random kids at a fucking Walmart. Sounds legit, right?

So, again…what about the rights of these children.

Why isn’t this considered an invasion of the child’s privacy? Voyeurism? Stalking?

In this day and age of more and more kids getting kidnapped, killed, raped, sold into human trafficking…why wasn’t this considered a threat against the child’s well being?

At bare minimum, the guy was causing a disturbance…couldn’t that be described as a breach of peace? Couldn’t Walmart have trespassed this guy?

Or here’s an outside the box thought since the police weren’t able to do anything…as a parent, you created that child. If someone is intentionally taking pictures of your “creation” without your consent, try and sue the motherfucker for copyright infringement. That might be a total longshot, or not even doable, but anything (legal) to make it more difficult for these people to engage in activities like this, might be worth at least looking in to.

Police and the courts aggressively go after people for rolling stop signs. Or turning right on red. Or having personal use marijuana. There’s even news about a homeowner’s association threatening prosecution over a family having a purple colored jungle gym! Shoplifters are sent to jail for taking food because they’re starving…or clothes because they’re cold. 18 year olds are convicted and being made to register as sex offenders for having consensual sex with their 17 year old partner. I’d venture a guess that the majority of offenders, when it comes to these crimes, aren’t some evil villain masterminds hellbent on sending us into a lawless oblivion. Some of these “crimes” may not even be done intentionally…how many of you wake up with the intent to turn right on red when you’re not permitted by law to do so? Probably no one…but if you do it, sure as shit, you’ll be charged. Yet, taking pictures of little kids…”row after row, after row, after row” of them…seems to me, to cross over to intentional. And serious. This guy absolutely knew what he was doing. So why does the legal system take that other shit so seriously while letting people go who have the potential to harm our children?

And yes, I absolutely think that someone with “row after row, after row, after row” of unauthorized pictures of random children has the potential to be harmful.

Simply and elegantly put, you don’t fuck around when it comes to kids.

Think of it this way…

If a cop stops a vehicle and “perceives” the driver is impaired…or somehow “smells” alcohol or some other substance, they claim probable cause and investigate the driver. That “investigation” may include questioning, searching, whatever…

So why doesn’t having an abnormal amount of pictures of these random kids be construed as probable cause that the guy may be up to something more nefarious? I understand that maybe, in and of itself, all those unauthorized, random pics aren’t a crime…but couldn’t that somehow be “perceived” to be probable cause that a more serious, criminal offense was just below the surface? Couldn’t there at least have been a more serious, detailed investigation into the guy? (To be fair, this blog is an opinion piece, and maybe there actually was/is a thorough investigation…I surely hope so.)

On the flip side, what if the mother in this situation, punched the asshole in his face. Would she be arrested for assault, or could she claim Stand Your Ground protection because she perceived her child to be in danger or threatened?

And yes, I do understand that with social media, blogging, whatever, our kid’s pictures are quite possibly able to be accessed by anybody. And my kids, much like many of yours, are involved in sporting activities. And most parents at these sporting events are snapping pics that may have someone else’s kid in it…and then posting them online without asking each other for permission first. That’s not the point I’m talking about here. I’m talking about this one asshole, and all the other assholes out there like him, that are intentionally and without permission, taking tons of pictures of random children. Big difference. And I know that pretty much no one wants a world with more aggressive policing…especially nowadays. But again, when someone strays dangerously outside the behavioral norm and goes out of their way to take “row after row, after row, after row” of pictures of random young children, something should be in the legal books to protect these kids.

Their rights.

Their privacy.

Their lives.

(disclaimer: This is an opinion piece. Daddy Anarchy does not advocate, condone, or endorse any type of “mob mentality,” vigilantism, or illegal acts. Nor is any part of this piece to be considered legal or any other kind of advice.)


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