My New Wedding Ring…B2Action Review (w/ product update!)


This awesome ring is now available in a really cool 4 pack, featuring different colors (black, blue, gray, blue camo.) The original ring still holdup great, and I’ve added the new ones into rotation and they’re doing awesome! Such awesome rings to wear for when you’re being active and don’t wanna worry about losing or damaging your actual wedding bands. They also look pretty damn cool to just wear casually too! Check ’em out here!

I’m no Brad Pitt or anything, but my wife still tends to get a little miffed when I don’t wear my wedding ring.

And I can’t really blame her.

When we took those vows, so many moons ago, we promised each other all sorts of googly eyed romantic stuff. One of said “stuffs” was that we’d always wear our simple, yet expensive meaningful, gold wedding bands.

Needless to say, my wife…who so often takes the opportunity to point out how far superior she is to me…and in this case she is…hasn’t taken off or lost her wedding ring since that day we stood there and took our vows together.

And then there’s me…

I’ve lost my ring, washed my ring, taken my ring off and forgotten about it…

I would’ve never made the cut in that Hobbit movie, my pretty.

Anyway, usually the only times that I lose my ring is when I take it off intentionally and wind up forgetting about it. And no, there’s no drama here. No taking the ring off and going out to dance the night away…not that it matters, I can’t really dance anyway. But I digress…

I take my ring off so I don’t lose it.

Or get eaten by a shark.

Ok. I know you might be thinking that that’s the silliest excuse you’ve ever heard, but it’s true. I do a lot of water sports. In the ocean. And there’s sharks in the ocean. And they like shiny things. My wedding ring is shiny. Not only do I like my wedding ring, I also just so happen to like the finger it’s attached to.

And as I said, I also don’t want to lose it.

When you’re in the ocean for a while, your fingers may shrink a little, making your ring looser. That, on top of surfing, boogie boarding, kayaking, etc…there’s a distinct possibility that golden halo of love might just slip off, the more active and beat up by the waves you get. Heck, I’ve almost had it slide off just playing football in the water.

Enter B2Action.

They’ve created an inexpensive, durable, stylish ring made specifically for those of us that lead active lifestyles…or work in physically demanding and active jobs, like firefighters, cops, EMTs, parachute instructor people, etc…


From the B2Action Amazon Product Site:
* QUALITY,QUALITY,QUALITY. Not all silicone wedding rings are created equal. This is a B2ACTION Premium Series Ring, made of high end medical hypoallergenic silicone rubber to ensure top notch durability, comfort and aesthetic beauty. Look good no matter what you are wearing. You will wear it more than your traditional wedding band!
* SAFETY FIRST . Made of HypoAllergenic Medical Grade Silicone Ring. Non-conductive and chemically 100% inert. Designed to break away and prevent finger amputation. Highly recommended to anyone who lives an active lifestyle. No worries of injuring yourself or your partners
* ELEGANCE AND COMFORT. Extremely comfortable silicone wedding band with elastic properties. So comfortable that you can keep it during sport activities, water sports, outdoor activities, fitness, gym workouts, professionals at work, factory work, law enforcement, military and any activity you take on. Sleek ultralight weight design. 0.88 cm wide 0.17 cm thick. Choose diameter according to your size (if you have a half size, we advice to order the next full size).
* PREMIUM GIFT/STORAGE BAG INCLUDED. Perfect to store your silicone bands or to use it as a present to your husband or fiance!.
* ORDER NOW COMPLETELY RISK FREE WITH OUR 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – If this replacement ring does not meet your expectations, we will refund you in full, no questions asked. WRONG * * SIZE GUARANTEE: If you’ve chosen a wrong size, do not worry, we will provide a new size for free. Our motto you are not satisfied: we are not satisfied

I had the opportunity to test drive this ring, and I gotta say I’m impressed. I really think the ring looks good. It’s a subtle, non glossy black, and fits true to size. Based on the material used in the ring, it fits very comfortably…enough to wear daily, I might add…and I haven’t had any issues with it slipping while playing around in the water. Going back to the look, I like the black. It looks super stylish, although the wife didn’t like the idea it wasn’t an exact replica of the wedding ring. To me, this wasn’t an issue however. The ring itself is very durable…it takes a beating and doesn’t show any worse for wear. It also won’t be a problem to remove if it ever gets stuck. Just cut that baby off. And at less than $20 bucks on Amazon, (At the time of publication it’s less than $10) it’s totally worth it. You can have a good looking, inexpensive way to still wear a wedding band, without taking the chance with your actual wedding ring.

All in all, I really dig this ring. It’s totally my go to ring for when I’m in the water playing around, outside being active, and when I totally forget to put my actual ring back on!

Plus it’s not shiny, so the sharks won’t bite your finger off.

Go check B2Action out! I think they’re definitely worth it!

Website: B2Action
Twitter: albert_b2action
Twitter: marta_b2action
Facebook: B2Action


This is a sponsored post and compensation was received. All opinions are the author’s.


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