No Perfect Parents Allowed

For every Parent out there who has their stuff together, who has brought the wonderful and poignant lessons of their youth into their own successful, disciplined, and loving model of parenthood, for every man or woman who represents  the shining example of what parenthood looks like in a perfect world…

For every one of you with your “My Kid is an Honor Student” bumper stickers, there are plenty more of us! (Not that there’s anything wrong with the bumper stickers or the honor roll, it’s just that some of us are stuck with kids that are more prone to eating construction paper and gluing their fingers together.)

We are the parents who have been puked on, peed on, pooped on…and not just by infants either, but by lazy seven year olds who held it too long because they didn’t want to stop playing Minecraft long enough to go to the bathroom and had an accident that we the parent had to clean up.  We are the parents you see twitching in line at the grocery store because we’re surrounded by three kids all having separate, loud conversations at the same time about what kind of cereal they want.  We are the parents that didn’t read the parenting books.  Oh, yeah, we most likely got them,  but we sure as hell didn’t read them.  That being said, we are also the parents that most likely have to hear shit from our Mothers in Law about not reading the parenting books because they’re the ones that most likely bought the damn books for us!  We are the single parents (God bless you guys!  Talk about a tough job!), we are the young parents that people give us shit about not being able to take care of our kids because we’re “just babies ourselves”, we are the parents people say are too old to be having kids and they’re going to have problems as we start to get even older (unless of course you’re Julia Roberts, then it’s totally cool).
We are not perfect.  We may not have a little happy, smiling, waving stick figure family on the back window of our SUV, but we do love our kids.  And they love us. Especially when we’re having our less than perfect moments because kids have great senses of humor and don’t judge us for our shortcomings.

Now get out there, you too young, too old, too single, non-bumper sticker, no stick figure family parents and keep up the good work! Your kids are counting on you to do something stupid so they can have a good laugh.



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